Couple Looking For Woman

Couples Looking for Female Easily

We've selected 5 top dating sites with strong membership numbers that make meeting other users simple. Check out and identify the right site for you, come find your third partner! At, we help couples look for partners every day, quickly connecting them with single women who are looking for a hookup. Why do you need to wait? Add a sexy lady to your next threesome dating!

Bi Cupid

Top 1: Bi Cupid

BiCupid is the best threesome site for couples looking for female & bisexual dating. Why? I can tell you the truth that there are so many couples looking for FFM threesome fun and about 1000 of the new members join Bicupid every day. Recently, Bicupid launched a new feature APP Center. It includes some fun features such as Flame, Fun Events, Threesome Chatrooms, Bisexual Quiz, Friendly Jokes  and more. Whether you are an open-minded couple, bi women, swingers, bulls, hotwives seeking threesome dating, is the best choice for you.




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Adult Friend Finder

Top 2: Adult Friend Finder

How do you feel about swinging? Ready to make your threesome fantasies come true? Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is one of the most popular adult dating sites and one of the best swingers communities for couples & females looking for threesomes. If you're looking for threesome dating advice, AFF offers more than sex. This is one of the hottest adult dating sites today, with well over 25 million members. Joining this swingers site is also fairly simple.




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Top 3: Bc3some

All are welcome! Whether you're a couple looking for female, or a single looking to meet a couple or other singles, Bc3some is the dating site for you. Bc3some  is one of the most exciting threesome dating sites for open-minded wild people. We offer exciting features such as first date ideas, chat rooms, and the ability to share and comment on popular photos. Come and experience the unique threesome site.




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Unicorn Dating

Top 4: UnicornD App

UnicornD is a unicorn & threesome dating app that offers the best with couples and singles for a threesome fun. Here you can find other sexy and open-minded couples, unicorn women, swingers, threesomes, one-night stands, casual encounters and more. Click UnicornXapp and download the UnicornD app for free and connect with unicorn women and couples for threesomes and hookups. This is an Android app for couple looking for female.




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Top 5: ALT

Alt is an online adults dating site for couples looking for women, as well as female seeking couples for a threesome. The alternative bondage community enjoys hooking up online and live in person for BDSM chat, bondage fetishes and sex dates. ALT members share bondage videos, kinky fetishes, SM (sado maso) fantasies and BDSM porn through their profile and in person.




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Motivations of Poly Dating

Why Couples Looking for a Female?

1. Fulfilling Bisexual Curiosity: In cases where one or both partners in the couple are bisexual, inviting a woman into the relationship allows them to explore and express their bisexual identity in a consensual and supportive environment. Many couples seek to introduce a third person into their relationship to explore new sexual experiences and fantasies.

2. Enhancing Emotional Connection: For some couples, bringing in a third person can deepen emotional bonds and trust. It can be seen as a way to share love and intimacy with another person while maintaining the primary relationship. Adding another woman can enhance intimacy and excitement within the relationship.

3. Polyamorous Exploration: In polyamorous relationships, couples may seek to form triads or other configurations where all parties are emotionally and romantically involved with each other. This expands the emotional and relational possibilities beyond traditional monogamy.

Why Women Looking for a Couple?

1. Exploring Sexual Fluidity: Many women are attracted to both men and women and may seek out couples as a way to explore their bisexual or pansexual identity. Joining a couple allows them to engage with both genders simultaneously.

2. Avoiding Commitment: Some women prefer the no-strings-attached nature of joining a couple for a threesome or a polyamorous arrangement. They may enjoy the sexual and emotional connection without the expectations or responsibilities of a traditional relationship.

3. Seeking New Experiences: Joining a couple can provide novel sexual experiences and fulfill fantasies that may not be possible in conventional dating scenarios. For women who are open to polyamorous relationships, joining a couple can offer emotional fulfillment and intimacy. They may find satisfaction in connecting with both members of the couple on a deeper level.


Whether couples are seeking to enrich their relationship through the inclusion of a third person or women are exploring their sexuality and relationship preferences. Both groups are seeking fulfillment, connection, and exploration in ways that align with their desires and identities. Understanding these motivations helps foster respect, communication, and consent in the realm of polyamorous relationships.